updating an outdated business security systemupdating an outdated business security system

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updating an outdated business security system

When I inherited my father's shop, the first thing that I did was contact the security system company to inquire about the system that was in place. I knew that my father didn't spend much money on the system and that it had been years since it was installed. Before I started sinking money into his struggling business, I wanted to upgrade the system to ensure that the money I was investing wouldn't be a total loss because of theft. If you are considering upgrading a business security system, take a few minutes to browse through my blog to find out what your new system can offer.


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5 Tips For Keeping Burglars Away

When a thief is looking for their next house to victimize, you want to know that you have done everything possible to make your home look like one they want to keep walking by. The more you put into your home's security, the less likely that you will find yourself and your house the victim of a break-in. Below you will learn of 5 changes you can make around your house to increase your chances of fending off would-be thieves.

1: Remove barriers that provide coverage to trespassers

A person looking to break in your house will try to get in through a door or window that allows them to remain hidden from neighbors. Therefore, cut back shrubbery that provides darkness, park cars where they don't block the view of entrances and consider choosing a chain link fence instead of a wooden one.

2: Use motion detecting lights to surprise criminals

Criminals do not like surprises and this makes motion detecting lights a good idea. When they are sneaking around in the darkness and the light comes on it will also alert you and any nearby neighbors to the fact that someone unexpected is moving around your house.

3: Watch what you throw away

Paying attention to your trash can save you from dealing with a break-in. Some thieves watch the neighborhood trash to see when someone has bought something worth a good deal of money. Therefore, you should refrain from throwing away tell-tale boxes of large purchases, such as LCD TV boxes, stereo system boxes and Expansive gaming system console boxes.

4: Get a dog

A dog is a great deterrent for would-be burglars. Not only will they be worried about getting attacked, but a barking dog will alert everyone in the area that something is going on at your house. Even small dogs can chase away criminals since they mean there is a heightened chance of them getting caught in the act.

5: have an alarm system put in

An alarm system protects your home by putting out a loud siren sound when it's triggered, by informing the local police department to the break-in and by videotaping the criminal so they can be identified and prosecuted for the crime. For more information, talk to various alarm companies in your area, like American Wireless Alarm Inc.

The 5 tips here will help you to make some changes around your home that may mean the difference between it being left alone or falling victim to a criminal looking for a place to break into.